Aerosol fire protection systems


The base of the fire extinguishing device FJ consists of generators of extinguishing aerosol, which are fitted with suitable starters during installation. Non-pressurized generators contain ecological source mixture that, when heated inside of a generator, decomposes into the aerosol with peak extinguishing efficiency. Along with generators we also provide detection systems and automatic controller BEFIS with backup source of energy and in this case they create a fully automatic extinguishing device. Our systems guarantee maximum flexibility of installation and usage in different types of closed spaces. System solutions are designed from a project to the tailored installations in accordance with specific requirements and layouts of the environment.

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Independent aerosol fire extinguishing device FirePro extinguishes fires of class A,B,C and F in enclosed spaces. The aerosol is not toxic, does not corrode and does not cause damage to electronic devices. The system is as ecological as it is possible. We complete the device with detection systems and centralized control unit Kenetec Sigma XT. During heating generator discharges the potassium particles of gas into the space where the aerosol is densely dispersed. Unlike other extinguishing means, Fire Pro aerosol eliminates fire by interrupting chemical reactions in flames. Thanks to this, there is no problematic drainage of oxygen in the room. System equipped with backup power source is independent and works even in the event of a power failure.

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Powder fire protection systems


Sapfir is a family of versatile automatic systems based on non-toxic powder fire extinguishing measures that is effective against fires of type A, B, C and E. Installation is possible in closed and open spaces. Powder fire extinguishing modules in two types are designed to be installed on wall or ceiling and is started up by electrical block of control and operation, which is triggered by fire sensor when it detects signs of fire. Generator produces cold gas and by its means brings extinguishing powder into the space, and due to the early activation by low electric discharge, module has remarkable efficiency. Its advantages consist of usage in autonomous and manual solutions of fire extinguishing systems, lucrative appearance, price and possibility of repeated refill of powder. A low maintenance system has a seamless service life of up to 12 years.

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