Photovoltaic powerplants

Simply create an energy-conscious home and let us install photovoltaic power plants. Building permit and all documentation for the installation of photovoltaic and hybrid panels will be handled for you. We provide installation on roofs and land including landscaping and security.

Installation of photovoltaic panels provides with an energy self-sufficient home, guarantee in case of a power failure and usage of renewable resources, which represents a gentle attitude toward the environment. In case that 70% of the energy produced by the powerplant is consumed by domestic electrical appliances, usage of renewable resources is supported by the state program Green savings. The project aims to reduce the production of CO2 into the air. On October 22, 2015, the state has started to accept applications for subsidies from owners of family homes or companies, that lower the energy intensity of building by using the photovoltaic powerplants. The program will support austerity measures that use renewable energy sources (solar thermal and photovoltaic systems). The amount of granted subsidy directly depends on level of improvement of the energy performance of the building. Request for subsidies for photovoltaic systems can be submitted until year 2021.

What we provide:

  • complete project documentation

  • building permit

  • delivery of photovoltaic and hybrid panels

  • selection and design of a layout

  • supply of all-glass, partially transparent photovoltaic panels for roofing of pergolas, parking spaces, etc.

  • comprehensive system of installation of photovoltaic panels, including structural elements

  • mounting on a roof or land, including landscaping and security

  • cable distribution ss NN, st NN and st VN including VN connection and electrical inspection

  • design and supply of inverters to convert DC to 50Hz AC

  • supply of the manufacturing building and auxiliary buildings

  • solution in configuration “Production of electricity” or “Green bonus” in accordance with §4 of the 180/2005Sb law

  • basic price calculations